How do I order online?

Some tips and help for you if you've never ordered online, or have never ordered from our store.

1. First, you will want to select the items you want to order by either browsing through the categories of our site such as Children's Bible Signs, Wafer Seals, or Pastoral Resources.  If you have a catalog in front of you while you're shopping, you can search by item number or product name to quickly get to the items you'd like to order. To add items to your order, click on Add to Cart. Don't worry, you can cancel incorrect items before you begin the Checkout process.

2. Be sure to select the correct quantity, and also the appropriate item whenever selecting from a drop-down menu such as Paper Version, CD Version, Downloadable Version, etc..

3. When you've selected all the items you wish to order, click on Checkout.

4. Fill in the contact information. If this is your first time placing an order with us, you will need to create an account with a Username and Password.

5. Review Your Order on the next page and enter your credit card number. All new customers are required to use a credit card.

6. Press Place Order, and press it only once. (THIS IS THE FINAL STEP and does send your order to our system.)

7. Read and print out, for your reference, the Thank You and Confirmation page.

If you receive an error message, or do not get the Thank You page, and feel that your order may not have gone through successfully, please send us an email at with the exact error message you received and the name and shipping address of the order.
We will check on the order and reply to your email within one business day to notify you if the order has gone through.

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