About the Billing CC Email Address

Optional Billing CC Email 

By including an optional billing email CC (Carbon Copy) address to your account, you ensure that both the account owner and the designated billing CC email address (e.g., your church treasurer or office administrator) stay informed, receiving important billing notifications such as:

  • Alerts for upcoming automatic renewals: Stay ahead with timely reminders about your active membership renewal.
  • Payment confirmations: Instantly know when a payment is successfully processed.
  • Prepay Now and Save notifications: Learn about extensions made to your subscription before your automatic renewal.
  • Membership cancellation alerts: Get notified when a membership is canceled.
  • Membership restart notifications: Stay informed when your membership is reactivated.

The billing CC email address will not receive the following notifications (these go only to the account owner's email address):

  • Product announcements and updates
  • Special offers


Rest assured; your privacy is our priority. We will never sell or permit the use of the account owner or optional billing CC email addresses by third parties.

Making Changes

Should you wish to update the billing email CC on your account, the process is simple. The account owner can navigate to My Account >> Edit name, email, or address for seamless communication.

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