Copyright Policy for Free Content vs. Paid Content

During these times when church families cannot meet in person, we have been posting free content that we are allowing to be shared freely. This is different from our standard copyright policy.

This document is to help distinguish when you can and cannot share content freely with others.

Free Content or Content We Declare as "Share Freely" 

We are granting you unlimited sharing rights. You may share the content any way you wish so that your families or members of your community can use the material. 


  • Share on your website, social media pages, blog posts, via email or anywhere you wish!  
  • Add your church's name or a nice note to a child. 
  • Remove our copyright line(s).
  • Resell the content as a whole or any of its parts. 

Paid Content

Content that you paid for via a subscription or single product does not fall under the sharing freely policy above. 
Please follow the copyright policy at the following link for any content that you paid to receive.

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